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Greetings from Clermont

We settled into the holiday house nicely; it’s great to not have to be constantly in hotel rooms and the heated pool is getting plenty of mileage, especially over christmas. Continue reading

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Leaving Las Vegas… for Florida

After talking to the rest of our party in Tampa we decided that the snow and cold temperatures were too much, so we decided to make our way south. Getting a cheap flight from Reno through San Jose to Vegas (I know, back to Vegas again) we started our trek towards Orlando.

With some time up our sleeve before our next flight out, we decided to see the Titanic Exhibition at the Tropicana. Although interesting, I found that unless you’re a major Titanic buff, even an interest in history and museums can’t help but make it feel a little lacking, although it was a nice touch to walk through re-creations of the hallways aboard the ship. Continue reading

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Segway to Alcatraz, and the Breath of Death

We woke up early to make sure we got around to the Segway tour place early enough for them, but it turns out they like to sleep in ;) After a short walk along the waterfront to kill time we spotted an older guy swimming, which we’d assume would be suicidal in this sort of weather – but later on somebody pointed out that he’d just be training for the annual swim to Alcatraz. I can think of a few things I’d rather do than race in near freezing treacherous water, but even a last-place under your belt would be a major accomplishment to say the least. Continue reading

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Greetings from San Francisco

We had an early morning flight from Vegas to San Fran, so we skipped breakfast, returned our car and hurried to check in. Soon we found that our flight was cancelled and that we were going out two hours later. After checking our bags in, we went back for our last buffet breakfast (again) then returned to the airport. As we sat there, the flight was pushed further and further. We boarded four hours late – thank you American West. Continue reading

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Nevada take two

After our party split up for our separate mini-holidays, we decided to check into the Stratosphere for a night before two days of roadtripping before we left for San Francisco. The rooms themselves aren’t anything to rave about, but any trip to Vegas can’t be complete without a trip to the top of the hotel, which features jaw-dropping views (best seen at dusk) and four rides to really put the height of the spire into perspective. Continue reading

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