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An Amazonian rant and more LibraryThing…

My last two orders from Amazon have arrived slightly bashed about the head so I’ve had a whinge to them. Not in the hope of vouchers or refunds, just to address what has lately been a really poor effort of … Continue reading

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My LibraryThing-a-me-jig

I noticed at abebooks last week that they’d bought forty percent of a not-so-new startup called LibraryThing, so I jumped on over, read the spiel and decided to try it out. Whenever I register somewhere I play the eternally optimistic … Continue reading

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The Tale of Ten Thousand Texts

Distributed Proofreaders have reached yet another milestone, crossing the ten thousand line a few days ago.

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Close to Shore, by Michael Capuzzo

This non-fiction account of a lone great white shark that terrorised unknowing and naive New Jersey holiday makers is a real-life account of Jaws. Incidentally, writer Peter Benchley based his novel on the same 1916 attacks as this book. Early … Continue reading

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