OpenDisc 09.12 Released

It feels good to have one final release this year to cap off 2009, and for two good reasons – there’s some major new releases this time around, Thunderbird has hit 2.0, RSSOwl which broke into the 2’s after an enormous beta phase, and the SeaMonkey suite which also turned two since the last version. The other reason is the oft-promised substantial boost to the lineup, which was held back with the pedestrian-slow Kiwix migration.

After not adding much in the way of new programs in a while, adding seventeen completely new programsI was at least ambitious, if not foolhardy. Fortunately volunteers pulled together nearly all of the data required, including the ever-troubling screenshotsII which only left forming the text up to fit the format and to hunt down a few logos. A big thanks to all the regulars and everybody else who suggested, tested and contributed to the wiki and made it possible to get such a huge increase of new software onto 09.12. :)

Thanks to Forrest Walter for the shiny new Audacity logo. I spotted his work after thinking there was no way the old logo was still in use, and googling for the new logo led me to the new one, or so I thought. Turns out he had the same impression of their logo and took it upon himself to redesign it, but sadly the developers declined and stuck with the original for their own reasons.III Forrest was kind enough to let us use his version to make Audacity more presentable for users, so his work wasn’t for naught.

Two new FLOSSManuals also grace 09.12 (newcomers Avidemux and Miro) as well as an expanded and updated manual for Firefox. Here’s hoping more people contribute to make manuals, as the existing selection (although limited) is well written and a huge boost for useability of the programs covered.

Now, there aren’t many rules for programs to make the cut and appear on OpenDisc, but I’ve made the choice to break one for Infrarecorder. It’s now the only program featured that isn’t cross-platform. There’s a couple reasons, the main being we recommend using it to burn copies of OpenDisc on the site so it’s hypocritical to recommend it for use without including it on the disc itself. Secondly, there just isn’t a cross-platform open source solution out there, not even on the horizonIV with the same capabilities.

Two other releases were slated for 09.12 but were yanked at the 11th hour, simply because there aren’t any official installers. One is the FPS NexiuzV and the other is KompoZer, the replacement for the long-abandoned Nvu. If people look hard enough chances are they’ll find community-made installers, but for security reasons we only take it straight from the horses mouth. As program selection widens, we’ll have to look at managing our own installers for these programs, which sadly adds to the workload.

There’s a laundry list of things I’d like to have ready for this release ((New screenshots and disc/cover art top that list) but the slew of new programs put those back into the 2010 pile. At least the new site design slid in nicely between releases without a hiccup.

We’ve got two big things planned for 2010 so far, so be sure to keep an eye out early in the new year. :) OpenDisc 09.12 comes in at around 1.2GB and as always is available from

  1. And games, which welcomely fills that section out nicely. []
  2. More on that later though! []
  3. Something about merchandise IIRC, which is fair enough as his design was unsolicited. []
  4. Happy to be proven wrong. []
  5. The developer explained that it’s easier for them just to provide one zip for all three platforms, something I can’t argue with. []
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