Out for the Count

The company that hosts all of my sites, WebHostingPad, had some server issues yesterday morning and every site went down, though I was told they’d be back up in a few hours. A day passed and nothing had happened so I contacted them again, to which they said that the problem was fixed and that there’d be a gradual rollout account restoration. I asked if there’d be data loss and was assured that there would be none at all.

I must have taken a trip back in time while asleep, because this morning according to my sites it’s now mid December 2008, with every single thing afterwards gone.

Luckily I back up more often than WebHostingPad’s pathetic annual backup, but the awful timing means I really won’t get a chance to get everything right again for at least a week.

Email still works thankfully and I’ve ranted on Twitter about how awful and crappy WebHostingPad have been in regards to data security, uptime and general nonchalance, so if you want to contact me and don’t have my details best to tweet me until it’s all back to normal.

I apologise to everybody I’ve recommended to the substandard hosting company that is WebHostingPad, I hope none of you have been unlucky enough to be on the same shared hosting box that I was.

See you all in 2010!

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