After the Thunderstorm

I hadn’t posted photos on Flickr in a long while so I thought I’d break with tradition and actually post a couple shots taken the very same day.I

It was humid as all hell yesterday morning, the first day of the year whereby everybody on the Gold Coast is reminded the weather will be hot for the remainder. What I’d forgotten was the almost tropical summers of years ago, where we’d have unbearable humidity in the morning, followed by a thunderstorm that would hurtle in and leave as fast, cooling down everything for a couple hours until old Sol came out again. We haven’t had that sort of weather now for at least five years, so today I was surprised to see the same thing happen again. If I remember, it’s nicer than the humid, energy sucking heat during summer we’ve had over the last few years. Here’s hoping it keeps up. :)

Looking North-East towards the ocean.

I also haven’t posted any photos of my “new” placeII yet, so this can serve as a first for that as well. Looking at them today it’s hard to believe there’s hardly any post processing, they are basically straight-out-of-the-lens shots.III

After the thunderstorm

Our pool, with Coolangatta and Razorback (hill) in the background.

  1. It’s great to see they’ve improved geotagging, which was painful when I last tried. []
  2. I did move in just before the end of last year, so I’m almost due for the first anniversary. []
  3. Aside from minor sharpening and some exposure compensation for the weather. []
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  1. Nicole says:

    Nice, love the second shot. The grounds look so perfectly kept.

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