NASA joins Flickr Commons

Although the photos are nothing new,I NASA are now sharing their archival photos on Flickr. Aside from exposure to a non-science audience, the main benefits are the well known annotation and discussion that follows with popular photos. Here’s one example; President Kennedy (along with LBJ and a slew of politicos) visiting the centre that would later bear his name. Click on the photo to see the annotations on Flickr:

Not all are so historic nor serious. Photos from the early days show a ramshackle and borderline-amateur organisation. Here’s the original Launch Control:

There’s nothing like the safety of a tin shed with sandbags to hold the roof down. Or the Langley Aerodrome, taking it’s final, ridiculous voyage:

As you’d guess, it didn’t end well for the Aerodrome.

Shortly after this photo was taken, the December 8, 1903, manned tests of the Aerodrome ended abruptly in failure, as it fell into the Potomac River


A great majority of the photos are of NASA pioneers and staff and of not great interest to everybody, but there’s enough good stuff to merit a browse-through.

  1. They’ve been available elsewhere for a few years now []
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