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Australia Twice Traversed, by Ernest Giles

It’s taken a long time, but I’ve finally knocked over an Australian exploration epic tome, Ernest Giles’ Australia Twice Traversed. The book documents his five expeditions throughout South Australia (which, pre Federation, included the Northern Territory) and Western Australia, through … Continue reading

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Yes, that is an actual word. A combination of the AUD nearing parity with the American Dollar and the low price finally made me bite the bullet and order a Kindle 3 with a lighted cover.I A mere four days … Continue reading

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The Pico-Life W960 and How I Almost Owned One

Update 8th October 2010: I’ve since bought a Kindle 3, and have posted a followup, Enkindled, featuring a comparison between the two readers. When I’ve been asked about buying an eBook readerI I say I’m simply waiting for colour e-ink … Continue reading

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BookOven Launched

Hugh McGuire contacted me on PGDP back in March to test run his new startup, BookOven, before it went live. I wrote about on StumbleUponI a while back Much along the lines of PGDP and Recaptcha, The Book Oven is … Continue reading

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Macquarie's lost for (new) words

With MMVII said and done, Macquarie Dictionary‘s Word of the Year survey has opened with suggestions for new additions – some hilariousI, some alarmingII and who would have though electronica wasn’t in the dictionary already? They say all entries go … Continue reading

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Who Killed Channel 9?, by Gerald Stone

You can’t get better publicity for a book about a television station than a very public decline frought with scandals, dodgy dealings and disappointing broadcast, especially when Australia only has three commercial networks. Channel 9 was always the highest quality … Continue reading

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A Book of Scientific Curiosities, by Cyril Aydon

I’m always a sucker for science trivia so naturally this book jumped right off the shelf at me. There’s a considerable breadth to cover for a title like this, considering that science isn’t so much a subject as the very … Continue reading

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An Amazonian rant and more LibraryThing…

My last two orders from Amazon have arrived slightly bashed about the head so I’ve had a whinge to them. Not in the hope of vouchers or refunds, just to address what has lately been a really poor effort of … Continue reading

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My LibraryThing-a-me-jig

I noticed at abebooks last week that they’d bought forty percent of a not-so-new startup called LibraryThing, so I jumped on over, read the spiel and decided to try it out. Whenever I register somewhere I play the eternally optimistic … Continue reading

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Close to Shore, by Michael Capuzzo

This non-fiction account of a lone great white shark that terrorised unknowing and naive New Jersey holiday makers is a real-life account of Jaws. Incidentally, writer Peter Benchley based his novel on the same 1916 attacks as this book. Early … Continue reading

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