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Earth from Mars

If you were standing on Mars just after sunset, and looking for Earth: The imageI is thanks to the Mars Rover Spirit, which lasted for six years, even though it was only expected to last three months. It’s now stuck … Continue reading

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NASA joins Flickr Commons

Although the photos are nothing new,I NASA are now sharing their archival photos on Flickr. Aside from exposure to a non-science audience, the main benefits are the well known annotation and discussion that follows with popular photos. Here’s one example; … Continue reading

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Spirit and Opportunity’s fifth anniversary

This month marks five years since the landing of two NASA rovers sent for the Mars Exploration Rover Mission, which is unbelievable considering they were expected to last just three months on the red planet. Rather than duplicate text, the … Continue reading

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Lenny Bruce is not afraid…

There’s an awful lot of people working to make life better (at least more than those doing their best making it worse) and it’d be fair to say that us humans have come a long way in the last half-million … Continue reading

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A Book of Scientific Curiosities, by Cyril Aydon

I’m always a sucker for science trivia so naturally this book jumped right off the shelf at me. There’s a considerable breadth to cover for a title like this, considering that science isn’t so much a subject as the very … Continue reading

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Return to Flight

As you might have heard, NASA is sending the first manned mission into space since the Columbia disaster, slated for anywhere between May 15th to June 3rd. Obviously safety is a concern, so as part of their safety awareness campaign … Continue reading

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Global Dimming

It’s not often I have a rant about pollution and greenhouse emissions, but a doco I saw last night shed some light (no pun intended) on something I’d never heard of before; global dimming. It seems that city smog (or … Continue reading

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